Greenville Turkey Day 8K street closures

Runners take off in the Turkey Day 8K in Greenville on Thanksgiving Day 2014.

The following streets will be closed on Thursday, November 23 for the Turkey Day 8K:

6 AM – 10:30 AM

• S Main Street, from E Broad St to Augusta St

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

• N Markley St, from S Main to River St
• River St, from N Markley to W McBee Ave
• W McBee Ave, from River St to S Main St
• E McBee Ave, from S Main St to E Washington Ave
• McDaniel Ave, from E McBee to Broad St
• E Broad St, from McDaniel Ave to Falls St
• E Washington St, from E McBee Ave to Cleveland Park Drive
• Cleveland Park Dr, from E Washington St to Lakehurst St
• Lakehurst St, from Cleveirvine Ave to Woodland Way
• Cleveland Park Drive, from McDaniel Ave to Ridgeland Dr
• Ridgeland Dr, from Cleveland Park Dr to Cleveland St
• Cleveland St, from Ridgeland Dr to E Camperdown Way
• E Camperdown Way, from Cleveland St to Calvin St
• Calvin St, from E Camperdown Way to E Broad St
• Falls St, from E Broad St to Spring St
• Spring St, from Falls St to E McBee Ave
• E McBee Ave, from Spring St to S Main St
• S Main St, from E McBee Ave to E Broad St