Gvl Sheriff sexual harassment complaint is ‘porridge,’ says attorney

motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him.
motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him.

GREENVILLE Co., S.C. (WSPA) — In a reply to the motion to dismiss a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former Greenville County Sheriff”s Office employee, Sheriff Will Lewis’ attorney labels the complaint “porridge.”

It reads as follows: “To borrow Plaintiff’s analogy, the Amended Complaint is like a container labeled “porridge” that contains a mixture of random ingredients, many of which have no business in porridge. Saying the porridge is “just right” does not make it so.”

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This is the latest in a series of motions and responses filed in federal court in a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment and assault against Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis.

Lewis’ attorney, Stephanie Burton, filed a motion on Nov. 7 to dismiss the lawsuit, stating that many details in the 40-page lawsuit were frivolous and salacious.

Former assistant Savanah Nabors states she was sexually harassed by Lewis the entire time she was employed with the law enforcement agency. Nabors also claims Lewis sexually assaulted her during a budget discussion trip to Charlotte.

Three county administrators and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy attended the trip in March, which cost taxpayers more than $3,600.

The support of dismissal motion claims that Nabors’ complaint does not state plausible legal claims. This motion claims while Nabors included superfluous facts, like what shoes she was wearing during the budget trip, she does not include allegations that she worked any time at the Sheriff’s Office that she wasn’t paid for.

The motion also cites a 1983 legal opinion that includes former Greenville County Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown, which established that a Sheriff is an arm of the state and therefore immune from suit for money damages.

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