Injured firefighter moving to rehabilitation facility following serious crash

Courtesy: Blanton Family/Facebook

(WSPA)– A Starr firefighter injured in a wreck last week in Anderson County will soon move to a rehabilitation facility.

Joseph Blanton’s mother Jessica, says:

We were moved to a regular room last tonight. He has continued to gain feeling and movement. We know that we have a long road ahead with rehabilitation and beyond but he’s ready to work. We should be moving to a rehabilitation facility over the next few days after his assessments are completed. We have had some of the best Doctors and Nurses providing the best care over the last week.We cannot express our gratitude to Greenville Hospital for everything! Each person who has come in contact with us has treated us like family. We would also like to thank our community and Fire/EMS family for the continued prayers and support.

Blanton, 18, was on Highway 29 at Rogers Road when he ran off the road and hit some trees, according to S.C. Highway Patrol.  The accident happened November 20.