Batman returning to Upstate for Korbin Williams’ funeral

GAFFNEY, SC (WSPA) – A community is in mourning after an eight-year-old boy was killed by a pack of dogs.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office says Korbin Williams was attacked by three dogs Friday afternoon, and later died from his injuries. Deputies say his friend tried to save his life.

Korbin’s funeral is this week, and a familiar face will be coming into honor his memory.

Family and friends say Korbin’s favorite superhero was Batman, and now Batman himself is coming to the Upstate to honor Korbin.

John Buckland, also known as “Batman” with Heroes 4 Higher, heard about Korbin, and wanted to show his support for the family.

This is the second time Buckland has come to the Upstate to honor the life of a boy taken too soon. Jacob Hall was killed at Townville Elementary school in 2016, and Buckland came in his full Batman suit to speak at Jacob’s funeral.

“I can only imagine Korbin and Jacob Hall are probably there, shoulder to shoulder,” Buckland says.

He says the real hero is Korbin’s neighbor, Caleb. Family and friends say Caleb was the one who tried to fight off the dogs to save his friend Friday night.

“I will never be able to do anything to hold a candle to that level of heroism,” Buckland says. “I know a lot of grown-ups that wouldn’t have stuck around in that situation.”

The sheriff’s office says Caleb was also hurt during the attack.

Buckland is working to honor Korbin’s memory, and he’s also reminding Caleb that he has to be strong for his friend.

“If we lace up our boots, and you keep on moving, you will get through this. You will become stronger, and the greatest thing that you can do to honor your buddy Korbin […] is to honor his life by making the most of your own,” he says.

Korbin’s memorial service will be Thursday at 4 p.m. at Orchard Street Baptist Church.