14 year old accused of shooting 15 year old in Greenwood

14 year old accused of shooting 15 year old neighbor in the stomach.
14 year old accused of shooting 15 year old neighbor in the stomach.

GREENWOOD, SC (WSPA) – A 15-year-old is in the hospital and his 14-year-old neighbor stands accused of shooting him.

There are still so many questions and few answers at this hour.

One thing is for sure, the pain is deep for both the victim and the suspect. As well as their families.

Two families now forever changed because of a shooting on Monday night on Camden Road.

Investigators say the 15-year-old was shot in the stomach. The shooter locked himself in his house.

“His mother showed up she contacted him on the phone and got him to speak to one of our officers,” says Officer Jonathan Link with the Greenwood Police Department. “The officer spoke to him and gave him directions as to how he could peacefully give himself up.”

This is just the kind of thing Jack Logan is working to end. Logan is with the group Put Down the Guns Now Young People.

“This boy who did this in Greenwood last night did not understand the seriousness of picking up a gun. He could still be charged with murder if this kid dies,” says Logan.

Logan is a community activist and he and many in the Greenwood School System share the same goal of raising awareness about guns and violence among young people.

“One of the things they decided to do was to invite some of the officers One day duty to come in at different points throughout the year just to meet and greet with the kids and to also have lunch with them,” says Johnathan Graves with Greenwood School District 50.

Greenwood School officials confirm the boys attend the same high school. Neither family wanted to talk on camera about the shooting.

The 15 year old victim is still in the hospital and there is no word on his condition.

The shooter is behind bars and will ultimately face charges, but the severity of those charges will depend on the status of the victim.

Police are still trying to figure out the motive behind the shooting.