Student designs license plate for SRO’s car in Seneca

Corporal Mike Thompson and Northside Elementary School 4th Grader Justin Mauldin. Credit: Oconee Co. Sheriff's Office

SENECA, SC (WSPA) – A boy from Northside Elementary School has won a contest to design the front license plate for a School Resource Officer’s (SRO) patrol car, according to Oconee Co. Sheriff’s Office.

They say Corporal Mike Thompson came up with the idea of asking students at the three elementary schools in the Seneca area that he is the School Resource Officer for (Blue Ridge, Ravenel and Northside) to enter into a contest to design a new front license plate for his Ford Explorer Patrol Car.

Thompson says there were about 100 entries that were submitted and administrators from each of the three schools chose the winning entry.

“I want the students to believe that they are heard and listened to and I want to find ways to get them involved,” says Corporal Thompson. “I knew I needed to have a license plate on the front of my patrol vehicle and once I got approval from the Sheriff’s Office on the winning submission, I had the tag made and it is on my patrol vehicle.”

Justin Mauldin, a 4th grade student at Northside Elementary, had the winning entry.

He got to have lunch with Corporal Thompson and the principal at Northside with food from Chick-fil-A.

T and R Graphics made two tags.

One went on the front of the patrol car and the other was given to Justin.

“I challenge every deputy to be a problem solver and think outside the box when it comes to fulfilling our mission and vision for our county. This tag on his patrol vehicle is another way law enforcement can connect with the community we serve,” said Sheriff Mike Crenshaw.