New schools under construction in Spartanburg

New Spartanburg High School under construction
New Spartanburg High School under construction

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – The growth in Spartanburg is expanding all across the county, from businesses, to homes, and even schools.

Spartanburg High School and Drayton Mills Elementary School are under construction.

The concept for these projects started nearly 6 years ago, now these multi-million dollar developments are well underway.

Each school will be equipped with technology to educate the next generation.

The foundation is poured and steel beams are going in for Spartanburg’s new high school.

Construction crews and District 7 officials are working to create top notch learning facilities.

“Being able to put together a building whose form will follow the function the kind of educational program that we are able to offer to our students is critical not just for now but for 50 years to come,” says Thomas White with Spartanburg School District 7.

The new high school will be two stories and will be equipped to hold more than 2,200 students. The facility is complete with work zones and state of the art student and media center.

Accommodating Spartanburg’s growth extends to the new Drayton Mills Elementary School.

“They have more voice and choice in it,” says Drayton Mills principal Thomas Webster. “They have the opportunity to work with teams, they have the opportunity to follow some of their interest and yes they’ll still be working around the state mandated standards.”

Students from Chapman and Houston Elementary Schools will attend the new Drayton Mills Elementary.

Those students are picking out school colors, the mascot and they’ve even signed some of the beams used in the project.

Hard hat zones could become the norm, at least for a while as growth continues all around the community.

“We’ve had at least one business actually state the reason they’re coming here to this location is because of the new high school,” says White.