Man upset to find someone buried between his family in Upstate cemetery

FOUNTAIN INN, SC (WSPA) – An Upstate man is in shock after he says someone is buried in the plot where he’s supposed to be buried inside the Cannon Memorial Park Cemetery in Fountain Inn.

Michael Garrett says he was laying Christmas flowers on his brother, dad, and grandparents’ graves when he noticed something unusual.

“When I came down through here, I saw the new marker, and got the shock of my life,” Garrett said.

Garrett visits his family’s graves in Cannon Memorial Park.
Garrett says his family bought six plots in 1982 after his then 19-year-old brother Tommy suddenly died.

“It was always planned that I would be buried between my dad and my grandma, and well now of course, that’s not going to happen,” Garrett said.

Because now, he says someone is buried in that exact area.

“This has just really put a lot on my mind here at the holidays,” Garrett said.

7News reached out to the funeral home management, they said in 2008, the corporate company started selling plots that were once considered a walkway which isn’t uncommon in the cemetery business.

They say the person buried between the Garrett Family bought one of the walkway plots. They say there’s still enough room for Garrett to be buried in the plot he still owns. However, Garrett says that’s not what he and his family were promised.

“There was never any mention of a walkway,” Garrett said.

He says his family even paid extra money to make sure the six of them were buried next to each other.

“It’s just devastating now to know that the plan is not going to come together,” Garrett said.

Garrett says he doesn’t want to upset the other family who’s involved but wants something to be done.

“I feel like something needs to be reconciled with this,” Garrett said.

The Garrett family says they wish the funeral home and cemetery management had contacted them before they sold the land.

They said they paid extra for all six family members to be buried next to each other.

However, the property manager says that “cemeteries have families walking in every day, pre-arranging or buying at need and to notify everyone in the cemetery when someone comes in to look at spots that are near the family would be difficult to do effectively in a time that would be appropriate for the families that are at need.”