‘Secret Santa’ pays off lunch debts at Central Elem. School

(from left to right) CES cafeteria manager Kim Wilson, principal Tish Goode, and assistant principal Brandi Roberts. (Credit: Pickens Co. Schools)

Pickens Co. Schools says coverage of a Secret Santa who paid off student lunches at Forest Acres Elementary School may have inspired others to do the same.

John Eby says someone paid off the unpaid lunch bills of students at Central Elementary School this morning.

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The principal at Forest Acres Elementary, Darian Byrd shared this story yesterday:

There’s nothing like a heartwarming act of kindness around Christmas time — after all, the most wonderful time of the year is just as much (if not more) about giving as it is about receiving. I wanted to let you know that Forest Acres has witnessed this first hand this week.

As you know, we have many families with lunch accounts that they simply cannot afford to pay off (nearly 100 students as of last week). I received a call last week from a “Secret Santa” asking if about how to help our students with this. I explained to them that for some of our students the only two meals they get a day are when they’re here at school. The “Secret Santa” then told me that they wanted to pay off EVERY account in the entire school. Yes, every single account. . .

The “Secret Santa” dropped off the check yesterday, no questions asked. ALL accounts will be paid immediately !

When families ask about what happened, please share this incredible act of kindness, and ask them to simply find a way to “pay it forward”. There is no one to thank — the donor wishes to stay anonymous.

It’s just an amazing feeling to know that somebody would want to help as many students as this person has !

Merry Christmas from the “Secret Santa”!