Top 7 most memorable stories of 2017 in the Carolinas

Clemson Tiger Band Prepares For The Big Game

2017 in the Carolinas has been a year filled with lots to celebrate like National Championships, and some scary times like tornadoes. Here are the Top 7 Most Memorable Stories of 2017.

7. National Championships
“We got it done with one second left, and hey, we’re the National Champs,” said Dabo Swinney after the Clemson Tigers won the National Championship against Alabama. USC Women’s Basketball also won the National Championship. And the USC Men’s Basketball team made it to the Final Four.

6. Kohlhepp Sentencing
The Serial killer plead guilty to seven counts of murder and to the kidnapping and sexual assault of Kala Brown. He was sentenced in May to 7 consecutive life sentences.

5. Bathroom Law Repeal
“Today we repeal house bill 2 and we begin to end discrimination in NC,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper in March, after lawmakers repealed the state’s controversial bathroom law following the departure of businesses in protest, and the cancellation of sporting events.

4. Courthouse Mold and a Historic Tax
After a costly 2016 cleanup, mold problems continue at the Spartanburg County Courthouse and voters from all parties got behind those workers to approve the Penny Sales Tax to pay for a new Government Judicial Center.
“We’re so excited, we appreciate everything that everyone has done to get out and vote for the penny sales tax. But in the meantime we are still suffering and we are still coming in here and doing everything we can for our community,” said courthouse employee Johniece Wofford.

3. Gas Tax
South Carolina Lawmakers overruled the governor’s veto of the infrastructure bill that raised the state’s gas tax for the first time since 1987. The first 2-cents of a 12-cent increase at the pump began in July.

2. Will Lewis Affair
The Greenville County Sheriff admitted to an affair with former employee Savanah Nabors after she filed a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault.
“There are zero validity to any allegations in this, rape, harassment, drugging, anything, nothing,” said Lewis in a press conference in the fall.
Lewis refuses to resign despite calls from county council and the governor.

1. Tornado Trama
Twisters tore through the Upstate in October some at 120 miles an hour. Pickens, Laurens, Union Newberry and Spartanburg Counties were all affected. Emergency Management describing some hard hit areas as “a war zone.”
“I feel empty inside, and yet I feel like I’ve got this emotional turmoil sitting there, like I really want to have a good cry or scream,” said one storm victim, Marilyn Doheny.