Truck driver charged with robbing Hardee’s in Blacksburg

Freddickl Mikens (Source: Blacksburg Police Dept.)

BLACKSBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — Police say a truck driver from Georgia was captured after robbing a fast food restaurant in Cherokee County.

Blacksburg police received a call from a company that lost contact with a driver on Saturday night. The driver appeared to be in the Blacksburg area.

Police were told he was in a red truck hauling an orange trailer.

Police say Mickens was driving this truck at the time of the robbery (Source: Blacksburg Police Department).

Blacksburg Police Officer Nathan Walker said the colors made finding the truck simple.

It was located in a parking lot on Simper Road.

Later that night, Walker and fellow Officer Holden Parker assisted Cherokee County deputies with an armed robbery reported at a McDonald’s when they were dispatched to another robbery nearby at the Hardee’s in Blacksburg.

Police were told the suspect was in a red truck with an orange trailer headed south on Interstate 85.

The officers headed southbound in hopes of catching up to the vehicle when Ofc. Holden spotted it pulling back into the same parking lot where they saw it earlier that day.

Items recovered by Blacksburg Police Department following the robbery (Blacksburg Police Department).

Police say the suspect got out of the truck, extended his arms and laid face down. The suspect is identified as 54-year-old Freddick Mikens of Hephzibah, Georgia.

Officers found $104 in cash – the same amount reported stolen from Hardee’s – along with a receipt from the register.

Blacksburg Police Chief Jamie Ham said no one was hurt in the robbery. Chief Ham said the suspect reportedly held something to the victim’s ribs.

Mickens is in the Cherokee County Detention Center.

He’s charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted armed robbery, according to jail records.