4 meth dealer suspects arrested, 1 more wanted in Cherokee Co.

CHEROKEE Co., SC (WSPA) – The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office says a drug dealer round-up resulted in 20 suspects charged with various crimes.

WANTED – Christina Austin
Dist. of meth 2nd offense

They are still looking for one suspect. Her name is Christina Noel Austin.

The sheriff’s office says four other suspects are in custody.

They are:

Kenneth Edward Phillips Jr. was arrested in Cherokee County.

Kenya Makala Hadden was arrested in Cherokee County.

Shane Lee Ruppe is in custody in North Carolina.

Calvin Makupson is in custody in North Carolina.

Deputies conducted undercover drug buys for 90 days before Operation Jingle Bail from Dec. 20 – 22.

“This group of drug dealers also fuels other crimes in our community such as larcenies and burglaries as the individuals seeking to purchase illegal drugs often commit other crimes to get money to support their addictions.  When our officers remove these pushers from the streets we generally see a decrease in other illegal activity,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

Sheriff Steve Mueller thanked the officers involved in the operation. He said the Cherokee County Narcotics Unit and sheriff’s deputies have made 2,607 drug arrests over the past six years.  As of Wednesday, they had made 451 drug arrests so far this year.

The sheriff’s office warns dealers and users that they’re already working on a new operation to rid the streets of drugs.

“Our officers will always be relentless in their pursuit of these poison pushers in our community,” the agency said in a release.

If you have a tip or information about possible illegal activity – you can contact the CrimeStoppers anonymous tip line at 1-888-274-6372 or 1-888-CRIMESC.