Lake Lure Polar Plunge coldest yet as participants brave the ice

RUTHERFORD Co., N.C. (WSPA) — The Lake Lure Polar Plunge in Rutherford County NC, a New Year’s Day tradition, went on as planned despite the coldest temperatures since it began 10-years ago, according to organizers.

98 people braved not just the frigid water, but fairly thick ice to join this crazy club of people who have crossed the unthinkable, off their bucket list.

“I guess age just freezes the Brian a little bit you know you do crazy things,” said Joe Duyak who says this was his first polar plunge.

He says he was egged on by friends as many here were, to start off 2018 on the wild side.

Participants dressed up in pajamas, costumes, or in not much of anything at all.

The joy of watching this untimely tradition is only surpassed by the joy of living to tell about it.

“It was insane, Oh my God, the only thing is my fingers and my toes are completely numb. I’m glad because it’s my 6th year and I didn’t die,” said Charlee Fox, who has participated for 6 years.

“I think my mind is starting to shrink or something, along with a couple of other things right now,” said Duyak, after the plunge.

“It’s really thick, It was supposed to be slush. Some people got cut. Thank goodness we have this costume,” said Pam and Brad Megel, holding up thick pieces of ice.

Mark Sullivan, who dressed as the Tinman from the Wizard of Oz, has been doing plunge since it started 10 years ago. He confirmed this has been the coldest yet, but it’s the cause that keeps him warm.

“Everything they take in goes to local charities and I love being a part of that,” said Sullivan.

How’s that for a heart.

And with a daredevil crew like this, you can bet, if they still have the chills long after the plunge, the afterparty will just be heating up.

“We go do shots. Jameson and Pickle Juice this year,” said Fox.

And the memories will last until at least next year.