No heat, no hot water in several Greenville apartment units as temperatures drop, residents say

GREENVILLE, SC – For Angie Anderson, it’s a couple of blankets and an open oven that keep her warm at night.

According to the single mother of one, two out of three heaters in her unit at the Towers East Apartments in Greenville have been broken for just over a year.

“At night I sleep in my living room in my recliner, so I can keep an eye on my stove so we can keep warm,” she told 7 News on Tuesday evening.

It was cold nights like that on Tuesday, that she said she worries for her daughter’s well-being.

“I keep it on and stay up all night just so my daughter can stay warm.”

Anderson was one of the many residents that told 7 News their heaters were broken and hot water was cold.

Down the hall, Laurie McCarty, who uses a wheelchair, said she hadn’t taken a warm bath in more than 2 weeks because the water wouldn’t get hot enough.

“I boil water and dab it off in the sink, that’s the best I can do,” she said.

She added that she knew of more than 20 people having similar issues, and that many people had been calling maintenance and filing complaints, but that nothing was being fixed.

LHP Capital, a private developer out of Knoxville, TN,  manages the Towers East Apartment’s, which is part of the section 8 housing community.

They gave 7 News the following statement over the phone:

The Tower East Apartments have heat, and as of 7:30pm there was only one reported unit that did not have heat, and it was being worked on by our maintenance staff. He is confident that he can bring the system back online, but if not, we LHP are going to provide for a hotel for that resident at our expense.

We care greatly about our residents and are absolutely committed to providing them with safe, secure comfortable homes.

The residents are safe, they have heat, and if they don’t have heat, we have provided them with information and they need to let us know. – Amy Styles, LHP Marketing Director

Still, residents like Anderson told 7 News they were preparing for another night in the cold.

“If I have to stay up till the suns up, I’ll stay up so long as it’s warm for my daughter when she comes in here.”