WATCH: Squirrel takes aim at officer trying to catch it

BROCKPORT, N.Y. (KXAN) — Body cameras are useful in criminal investigations, but sometimes they just catch some of the more “unusual” calls that officers are summoned to investigate.

On Friday, officers in Brockport, New York responded to the report of a squirrel that had gotten inside a house and was making itself at home. The squirrel was reported to have stolen several cookies.

When one of the officers walked into the kitchen, he joked about the radio being on, which the homeowner responded by saying “the squirrel turned it on.” Seconds later, the squirrel comes racing off the walls and table before lunging at the officer.

Caught by surprise all the officers start laughing. The squirrel immediately made its way back towards the other side of the kitchen.

Officers were eventually able to capture the rodent and release it back outside. No animals or officers were injured in the encounter.