Can’t get in with Apple to get a new iPhone battery? You’ve got options

If you’re one of the millions whose older model iPhones have slowed down, you’ll likely need a new battery.

“It’s just a bit of a frustration with the slowdown cause I get to a certain expected speed of my thumbs to fly across the screen and if it’s not keeping up with me then it can be a little bit of a downer,” said iPhone 6S user Regan Cannon in Greenville.

And good luck getting an appointment. Across the country, Apple Stores are booked up. And that’s no different here in the Carolinas.

The only authorized service providers in our viewing area are the Apple Store and iStore in Greenville, and city Mac in Asheville. And they only book appointments out one week. Right now, you’ll be lucky to get an appointment.

On top of that, if you want a battery for the iPhone 6, it’s out of stock in most places.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

You can stick with an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and keep trying to book an appointment through the Genius Bar reservation page.   Click “hardware” and follow the prompts (you’ll eventually need your Apple ID/password).

Or you can go to an independent phone repair service and get a new battery within minutes, but that will void any warranty you have, and you’ll also likely pay between $10 and $40 more than Apple.

The technicians at Staymobile charge $10 dollars more, but can switch out the battery right away.  They can also help you figure out how much life is left in your battery so you can figure out how soon you need a new one.

“Since we can check the life expectancy of the battery, we can see exactly how much is left on it. If it’s at 80%, 80% is that golden point where the phone will start to throttle with the new updates. So with that throttling, your phone is going to slow down. So it’s a good time to get the battery changed,” said Alex Hy at Staymobile.