Anderson Co. Sheriff changes chase policy after innocent driver dies

Troopers say a man was driving north on Highway 88 when a deputy struck him in the passenger side just before 8 p.m. Sunday.

Just 6 months after an innocent bystander was killed during a police chase in Anderson County, changes are being made to the department’s pursuit policy.

Joshua Martin was hit by deputy Timothy Ryan Chapman at the intersection of Highway 8 and 81, as he was chasing suspects in a stolen car.

According to a MAIT report by Highway Patrol, Chapman was traveling 86 miles per hour in a 45mph zone, with his lights and sirens on. The report states that Chapman said he was slowing down to 60mph as he entered the intersection, traveling through with a red light.

The report states that Martin was crossing over, with the green light, and Chapman hit his car, pushing it through the intersection.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has since made changes to their pursuit policy.

Those changes include calling off a chase, if the deputy can identify the suspect. The deputy will instead seek warrants on the suspect.

The shift commander will also decide whether every chase is safe to continue based on these factors, the time of day, amount of traffic in the area, and seriousness of the alleged crime.

Chapman was transferred to the detention center to work, until he was arrested for reckless homicide in November. Chapman no longer works for the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.