Flood damages book collection at historic Upstate library

UNION, SC (WSPA) –The book collection at the Carnegie Library in Union County is on the move again.
Tens of thousands of books along with other resources were moved to the old Graham Cash building in downtown Union for temporary housing while the historic library was being renovated.
Last week, one day after opening to the public, a pipe on the roof of the temporary building burst and flooded the floors below.
Out of the more than 30,000 books in its collection, roughly 1,400 books were damaged by water and mold.
The library director says “Being the only public library facility and knowing that Union is a rural county and it’s a high need county the public library is very important for people to find employment and do their school work.
As far as renovation plans go, the library director says everything is still on schedule.
The county and library leaders are figuring out a new temporary plan so the public can still access library resources.
Meanwhile, if you’d like to help the library offset the costs of moving the book collection again, visit this site: https://www.gofundme.com/devastating-flood-damage-to-library