Man charged with stealing puppy from stepdaughter, trading it for meth


DUDLEY, N.C. (WNCN) – A man has been arrested and charged after stealing a puppy from his stepdaughter to feed his drug addiction.

“We’ve heard of loved ones selling stuff from other family members and or friends, but as far as a dog or a pet, this is my first case,” says Detective Scott Peele with Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Christopher O’Neal Eakes, 41, is accused of stealing an 8-week-old Yorkie and then trading the dog for meth.

“People that are addicted to drugs, good people, make bad decisions and they need that drug and they sell and they do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do,” explains Detective Peele. “It’s very addictive and very destroying for that person and for loved ones and family.”

The victim says she saw her dog advertised for sale on Facebook by a man she believes her stepdad traded the dog to — that’s when she contacted the sheriff’s office.

With the help of detectives, she says they tracked down the puppy and discovered a family bought the dog not knowing it was stolen.

The victim says she decided the dog was with a good family and decided to let them keep the puppy.

Eakes was arrested Monday and charged with larceny of a dog. The victim says her stepfather has since apologized and promises to get help for his drug problem.

According to the sheriff’s office, Eakes is out on bond.

Detectives say the man who traded the dog to Eakes may also face charges.