Letter shows employment options given to Nabors by Sheriff Lewis

motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him.
motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him.

Greenville, S.C. (WSPA) – Former Greenville County Sheriff’s Office employee, Savanah Nabors, filed a lawsuit in October accusing Sheriff Will Lewis of sexual assault and harassment.

In her lawsuit, Nabors says she was forced to resign from her job. The sheriff, who denies the claims, filed responses to the lawsuit saying he gave Nabors other employment options, but she wasn’t interested.

7News obtained an exclusive copy of a letter written by Sheriff Lewis to Nabors.

Nabors Offer Letter

In the letter, the sheriff tells Nabors that if she’s uncomfortable, she can transfer to another civilian position in the sheriff’s office or work anywhere within Greenville County Government where they could find a position that she felt was suitable for her.

“They’re basically saying is that if this happened, we then made these concessions and offers to try to mitigate it and have a transfer out,” attorney John Reckenbeil said.

Reckenbeil, an attorney who focuses on labor, employment, and civil rights, says the letter could raise legal questions since the Sheriff’s Office and County say they’re separate bodies.

He also says Nabors will have to prove “that it was so severe and pervasive that there was no alternative.”

Reckenbeil says calls the letter is a major development in the case. He says “If the Sheriff can prove that there was a job available for her at Greenville County, then she loses,” Reckenbeil said. He also said it could tilt in Nabors favor, “If she then can show that that job wasn’t available, that it wasn’t the same pay, it wasn’t the same hours.”

Nabors said she never received the letter.

7News reached out to Greenville County; however, they have not responded at this time.