Union Co. inmate uses bathroom window to escape custody

UNION COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – Brent Austin was supposed to be getting ready for a court hearing Friday afternoon before he fled custody.

Austin asked law enforcement officials to use the restroom and they allowed him to go to the restroom alone with no handcuffs and only wearing leg irons. He escaped out of a small window in the restroom and jumped from two levels down to the ground.

Once he was on the ground he made his way over to Union Mill Crossing Apartments where he stole a blue Chevy truck.

By this time law enforcement officials were aware that he wasn’t in the restroom when they knocked on the door and he didn’t answer.

Austin was able to drive the truck to a location near Jonesville-Lockhart Highway near Pineland Road and dump it there.

Law enforcement was able to locate the truck without Austin.

K-9 units were sent to search for the escaped inmate as well as a SLED helicopter.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office says they are talking to friends and family of Brent Austin to further the investigation.

They don’t know if he is armed and advise the public to call 911 if they see Brent Austin.