Gvl Sheriff’s constituents wrote Governor about affair admission

Greenville Co. Sheriff Will Lewis
Greenville Co. Sheriff Will Lewis

In 17 separate emails to Governor McMaster, Greenville County constituents expressed their frustration with the admission of an affair by Sheriff Will Lewis.

All of the emails were sent in October, following a press conference by Sheriff Will Lewis, in which he admitted to a sexual encounter with former subordinate Savanah Nabors.

Most of the emails asked for Lewis to be suspended from office until an investigation by SLED is concluded.

One email read, “Please consider removing Sheriff Will Lewis from office at least until SLED does its investigation. The office of Sheriff is a high level in the community and myself and others think that Sheriff Lewis has broken trust with the community. We wish for a safe environment for our families and we think that he is not up for the task with his conduct unbecoming.”

Another email read, “Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis admitted in a news conference yesterday that he did indeed have a sexual relationship with a subordinate. He has refused to resign. This is a display of flagrant disregard for what is ethically and morally the right thing to do. I believe that this is a crime of moral turpitude that should result in his removal from office.”

One woman wrote a lengthy letter stating that Nabors’ allegations were hard to believe and that none of the criminal allegations Nabors’ brought against Sheriff Lewis are accurate.

The Governor’s response to these emails read as follows, “It has become clear that Sheriff Lewis’ ability to effectively lead one of the state’s largest law enforcement agencies has been compromised by inappropriate actions-actions which he has acknowledged.  Currently, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is in the process of investigating Sheriff Lewis, and a lawsuit has been file dregarding sexual harassment allegations in Greenville County. These actions constitute a drain on the public’s confidence and an ongoing hindrance to Sheriff Lewis’ ability to do his job. I believe it would be in the public’s best interest for Sheriff Lewis to voluntarily step aside. If I could remove him from office, I most certainly would.”