Motion filed in Sheriff Will Lewis lawsuit could protect texts, emails

motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him.
motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him.

A confidentiality motion was filed by Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis’ attorney on Friday. The motion was filed with consent by former assistant Savanah Nabor’s attorneys.

Nabors, the former Greenville County Sheriff assistant, is suing Lewis, the department, County Administrator Joseph Kernell, and Greenville County. The lawsuit states that Nabors was continually sexually harassed and that she ultimately had to resign from her position because of it. The lawsuit also claimed that the Sheriff sexually assaulted her on a business trip to Charlotte. Sheriff Lewis has heavily denied any criminal wrongdoing.

For the past three months, attorneys for both sides have debated whether the lawsuit should be dismissed and refuted claims within the amended complaint.

Lewis’ attorney filed a confidentiality motion with consent from attorneys for Nabors. The confidentiality agreement is a standard motion, but gives either party the ability to seal documents, by labeling them confidential. Portions of depositions can also be kept confidential. Items that are protected from disclosure by statute include sensitive personal information, trade secrets, or confidential research. While the public may not be able to see it, those documents are still part of discovery.

Even after the litigation is over, these documents will remain confidential.  Because this suit deals with a public body, The Sheriff’s Office, some public documents may be sealed in this case, there is no notation about the protection of those documents from the Freedom of Information Act.

7 News has requested texts and emails between Sheriff Will Lewis and Savanah Nabors, the Sheriff’s Office has denied those documents because of the ongoing SLED investigation and the ongoing federal litigation.

To read the motion, click here: confidential motion