Anderson District 5 rolling out new technology for students

Anderson District 5 rolling out new technology for students.

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – Anderson District 5 is rolling out Google chromebooks for all their students 1st through 5th grade throughout the month of January.  Students from 6th to 12th grade already have their own chromebooks to work on.

Now integrating technology into classroom learning has become a growing trend nationwide. For students, chromebooks can be used as a tool to help follow along with lessons and provide the opportunity to dive further into topics.  As the times change so do the opportunities, students can now travel to foreign countries and even see inside a heart with just the touch of a button.

“It’s a new day in time, teachers realize that the way we learned growing up, the way we do math, reading it’s not the way students are learning today,” said Jill Gilreath, Principal at North Pointe Elementary.

Professional development is an important aspect to the success of the students so the district utilizes digital specialists and summits to teach the teachers new tricks to adapt as the technology changes.

The 5,145 chromebooks were purchased with state funding and money from the Anderson County penny sales tax that District 5 received.