200+ kids, 23 teachers sick at Anderson Co. school

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ANDERSON CO., SC (WSPA) – More than 200 students and 23 teachers are sick Thursday at Calhoun Academy of the Arts in Anderson County. These numbers are up from the 177 students and 21 teachers who were out sick Wednesday.

Kyle Newton, the public information officer for Anderson District 5, said the sick children and employees are suffering from a gastrointestinal illness, which has included diarrhea and/or vomiting. While the school isn’t sure what started the spread of the illness, DHEC did confirm the stomach flu was not related to the flu.

To help from further contamination, the school is paying close attention to the high traffic areas.

“Particularly those that come into a lot of contact with hands and students so doorknobs, water fountains and those things that are touched multiple times a day by hundreds of students. We are just following up behind them constantly wiping things down and sanitizing as much as possible,” Newton said.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control is sending a letter to parents about what’s going on and what families can do to prevent the spread of the bug.

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