Want to live in Italy? Homes selling for $1 in Mediterranean island village

(WFLA) – If you’ve ever wanted to live in Italy, this could be your chance.

CNN is reporting that homes are for sale for $1.20  in the village of Ollolai, which is located on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

The amazing sales price comes with a catch though, the 200 homes that are for sale are in poor condition.

People who buy the decaying stone homes must commit to fixing them up which CNN reports would likely cost about $25,000.

Money magazine reports the bargain homes are part of a program called Houses at 1 Euro.  Several towns are participating in the program which offers homes at very discounted prices to improve villages that have dwindling populations.

Learn more about Houses at 1 Euro here (note, you will need to translate the page to English)