FBI takes over after 3 reports of suspicious packages in Anderson Co.

ANDERSON CO., SC (WSPA) – Deputies say a suspicious package was found on the side of a road in Anderson County around 3 p.m. Sunday.

According to the sheriff’s office, the package was found near Richland Drive and Highway 29.

The highway was closed for a time as authorities investigated. It is not known what was inside the package.

The FBI, ATF, and Secret Service were initially assisting the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation. Anderson Co. Det. Nikki Carson said the incident has since been taken over by the FBI.

Sheriff Chad McBride said there have been three separate incidents in the last two weeks near the Starr community.

The first was an explosive device in a box detonated, hurting one man on January 30. That device was found at the intersection of Travis Road and Martin Road.

The second was not originally reported to law enforcement, but came to light on a Facebook post. Charlie Elrod tells 7News he saw the package on his way to work with what looked like a pipe bomb inside, but since it did not explode, he believed it to be a prank.

Sunday’s suspicious package found marked the third incident.

Since the incidents happened in close proximity, residents are questioning if they are all related.

“I’m very concerned due to the fact that I’m on the roads a lot driving and my daughter going back and forth in the area where the packages have been notified of being there with my grandson,” Kristi Pulliam, a concerned resident, said.

“I don’t believe in a whole lot of coincidences so more than likely and of course we are looking into that and still something for them to determine,” said Sheriff Chad McBride.

While only one of the packages contained a device, the sheriff’s office is asking that if you see anything that looks suspicious, do not approach it or try to look inside, but rather call 9-1-1 with its location.