Alternative remedies used to fight the flu in high demand

GREENVILLE Co., SC (WSPA) – With such high flu numbers in our communities, people are looking for ways to keep from getting sick and help the symptoms if you do become sick.

In high demand this flu season are alternative remedies like the homeopathic product called Oscillococcinum as well as Elderberry syrup. Both products are all natural and have been used to fight flu like symptoms for decades, and have been flying off the shelves this flu season.

“Elderberry, it helps viruses not replicate themselves so if you take a tablespoon of it every six hours you can’t get any sicker because the virus can’t keep reproducing,” said Susan Clark Laughlin of Garner’s Natural Life in Greenville.

Laughlin tells 7News many people find the natural supplements to be more cost effective and time saving than waiting at a doctor’s office, but medical experts tell 7News you still need to consult your doctor prior to taking these supplements.

“The alternative remedies like the elderberry and essential oils, those haven’t been studied in medical studies to determine if they are in fact effective or even harmful,” said Lindsay Morgan, a nurse practitioner at Bon Secours St. Francis.