‘There’s a dog attacking somebody, it’s got him by the throat right now’: 911 calls detail brutal dog attack in Anderson Co.

ANDERSON Co., SC (WSPA) – In newly released 9-1-1 calls, neighbors and passersby described the moments after two men were attacked by a dog in Homeland Park.

Four callers can be heard in the tapes, explaining to dispatchers that they saw a dog attack people in someone’s backyard.

“Anderson County 9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” Dispatch asked after answering the phone.

“Yes, yes, there’s a dog attacking somebody! It’s got him by the throat right now,” one man said. “Tell them to get their guns out and get ready. We’ve got the kill that (expletive).”

Another man could be heard telling dispatch that he saw the chaos break out after getting home from work.

“I got home from work just now and there’s a guy and there’s a guy laying in his backyard… and there’s a dog on top of him. He got attacked by the dog and he’s not doing well at all.”

According to newly obtained police reports, the dog that attacked two people was named Duke. Witnesses told deputies that the boxer broke his leash, and when one of the men started walking over to tie the dog to a trailer, he attacked another man pushing a wheelbarrow.

“There’s a couple people bit out here,” said one female caller. “And I don’t mean bit, I mean viciously bit. I’m standing up on a chair because I’m scared to hell of it.”

The female went on to explain that one of the men’s girlfriend’s stepped in and started beating the dog with a hammer after the dog locked its teeth around her boyfriend’s neck.

After the attack, dispatch sent deputies and animal control officers over to the home on Key Street.

The dog’s owner was notified after the incident. Deputies said the owner signed the dog over to “Paws.”

The two men were treated at a hospital for their injuries.

7 News reached out to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday night to see if the dog had been put down, but did not receive an immediate response.