Non profit works to help homeless youth in WNC

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WSPA) – Henderson County is dealing with an increase in homeless youth, but there is a non profit in Hendersonville that is trying to help.

Only Hope houses up to six male youth at a time if they are dealing with homelessness.

Michael Absher, Founder of Only Hope, says there are 255 homeless youth in Henderson County.

Only Hope works with 13 school districts in Western North Carolina.

If a school district decides a male student is living in an inadequate living situation they will refer the student to Only Hope.

There are different issues that the school district can define as homelessness ranging from issues with abuse or drugs and alcohol.

The non profit has designed their house to feel like a home, they don’t want the boys living there to feel like they are in a shelter or foster care.

Supervisors are teaching the boys how to be responsible with chores and doing homework, because they want the boys to be able to find a stable life when they are adults.

Only Hope survives mostly by small local donations of money, food, clothing and basic needs.

Absher says monthly expenses are $3,5000. Only hope says they will take as many volunteers as possible and are looking to hire a house parent that will be paid a stipend.

If you would like to learn more about Only Hope you can vist their website here: