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Cherokee County Detention Center started making psychologist and psychiatrist available to the prison population 24/7 via teleconference.

Inmate Mental Health Care

Cherokee County, SC (WSPA) In an effort to help inmates who need it, The Mental Health Court Program Act was signed into Law in June of 2015…

Happy 99th Birthday Billy Graham

Happy 99th Birthday Billy Graham!

Charlotte, NC (WSPA) Carolina’s Family is wishing a Happy Birthday to Billy Graham! Today, the Reverend, who’s message has reached billions,…

helping first responders

Helping First Responders Mourn

Greenville, SC (WSPA) Taking the oath to protect and serve puts First Responders on the front line. When tragedy hits close to home for them…

Severe weather affected most school districts across the Upstate on Monday

Cherokee Co. School Severe Weather Plan

Cherokee County, SC (WSPA) Tonight recovery continues after four tornadoes struck our area. In Spartanburg County, Cherokee County and Ruthe…

7 acres of land near downtown Spartanburg will soon be turned into an apartment village

New Apartments in Downtown Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Seven acres of land near downtown Spartanburg will soon be turned into an apartment village. A Florida developer …

Cutting the Affordable Care Act could raise monthly premiums by 14 percent in 2018

ACA Funding Cut

Spartanburg, SC  (WSPA) President Trump says he’s putting a stop to federal payments, under the “Affordable Care Act.” The announcement has …

Homeowner Associations set community standards for neighborhoods.

Help with Homeowner Associations

Spartanburg, SC  (WSPA) Homeowner Associations are apart of most communities. They are run by those who live in the neighborhood and often s…

A hangar at the Columbia Metro Airport is now a medical facility set up to help nearly 60 patients.

Caribbean help in South Carolina

Columbia, SC (WSPA) A significant number of hurricane evacuees will soon arrive in the palmetto state .. Officials are flying in the sick an…

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