N.C. Raw Art

Don’t miss some unique chainsaw fun with N.C. Raw Art at this year’s Blue Ridge BBQ Festival.

Vanessa Live at the Fest!

Vanessa de la Vina is here with us at the festival with a quick update on what sort of tasty food and fun she’s found!

Parrot Asks For A Kiss

A 60 year old kills a hip hop routine, a parrot asks for a kiss and more in tonight’s Viral Video.

Bunny Vs. Avalanche

Surviving an avalanche is hard enough, never mind outrunning one, but maybe it helps to have a lucky rabbit’s foot. Actually, make that four…

Sleeping Beauty

You don’t want to miss the SC Children’s Theatre’s presentation of Sleeping Beauty, starting tomorrow June 12th. Get your tickets at http://www.pea…

Greenville Swing on the Set!

Swing dancing is back or you with Greenville Swing, happening Tuesday evenings at McPherson Park in downtown Greenville! We’re getting a dem…

Tiny Dancer Channels Aretha Franklin

A 6-year old with the moves of a diva has taken the internet by storm. Jeanne Moos introduces us to the kid who channeled Aretha Franklin.

CannaCamp In Colorado

Debra Capps and Aaron Michael join Megan Heidlberg for “The Pulse” to discuss: Colorado’s first camp resort for pot users, Jesus seen in woo…

Ed Sheeran Reveals A Secret

Ed Sheeran reveals a secret! Plus, Hunger Games fans are getting a first look at the last movie of the franchise.

Into the Woods at Younts Center

FIRE Theatre Company at the Younts Center for the Performing Arts presents Into The Woods! We’re getting all the details but get your ticket…

Minnie Driver Flubs Anthem

Minnie Driver performed the National Anthem during a Dodgers game, but the British born actress flubbed the words.

Horse Hanky Panky

When the latest winner of the Triple Crown is done racing, he won’t just be put out to pasture, he’ll be put out to stud. Wait till you hear…

Cats Linked To Mental Illness

Jamie Guay and Tone Hollywood join Megan Heidlberg for “The Pulse” to discuss: American Pharoah Jockey Victor Espinoza gives back to cancer …

Trivia With Jack Roper

What percentage of office workers eat lunch at their desks and how many movies did Elvis make?

A Huge Honor For A Wild And Crazy Guy

A huge honor for a wild and crazy guy, music for Stephen Colberts ears, and a life changing journey for Hugh Jackman comes to the big screen…

“Love & Mercy”

The new movie ‘Love Mercy’ chronicles the personal struggles of ‘Brian Wilson’ and the price he paid for fame.

Arrested For Clapping

Joanna May and Stacy Major join Megan Heidlberg for “The Pulse” to discuss: Coke in your boobs for cancer, National Doughnut Day, arrest war…

Loretta Lynn Being Honored

Rocker Jack White was on hand to help induct Loretta Lynn to the newly re-opened Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville.

All Shook Up!

If you want to get “All Shook Up” then you need to check out the Greenville Little Theater’s musical! Joining us is Becky Conner and Benjami…