Irish Parade And Festival

St. Patrick’s Say is only 14-days away and there will are plenty of ways to celebrate including an Irish Parade! Tom Ferrell, Len Byrne & A …

Colton Swon Proposes

Ellis and Bradley have the scoop on the unique way Colton Swon proposed to his girlfriend and more in The Nashville Scene.

Going On At The Well

We have a look at what is going on at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena right now. General Manager Beth Paul joins us with all the details!

RiffRaff Bar & Grill Now Open In Greer

There’s a new dive bar serving delicious bar food in a fun, casual space. With creative drinks and scratch-made food, it’s Greer’s newest ho…

Does Iron Weigh More After It Rusts?

Does iron weigh more after it rusts? And what tree is most often struck by lightning? Jack Roper has the answers in “You Don’t Know Jack!”