Car Wash Close Call

A Louisiana car wash manager had the scare of his life when he got stuck on a huge rotating brush.

Top 10 Baby Names of 2015

The Social Security Administration has released its list of top baby names for the last year.

Lady Liberty Flyby

Countless visitors have journeyed to the top of the Statue of Liberty to gaze out at the New York skyline. Almost all of them took either th…

Operation Surf

A group in California is honoring Veterans in an interesting way. It’s part of an effort to heal their bodies and minds. Stephanie Elam has …

Lawsuit Against Swift Dismissed

A judge in California got really creative and quoted Taylor Swift’s lyrics when she dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the s…

Pizza Rat Replica

He’s back! Pizza rat has returned to the streets of New York. As Jeanne Moos reports, this time he’s remote controlled.

Joe’s Crab Shack Stops Tipping

Hawk & Tom from B93.7 join Megan Heidlberg for “The Pulse” to discuss: Clip on man bun, adult coloring books, Target’s “OCD” sweater, “Joe’s…


Engineers are trying to figure out what caused an IHOP parking lot to give way in Meridian, Mississippi. Diners inside heard a series of boo…

Mariah Carey’s New Role

Mariah Carey is ready to hit the big screen again! Kelly Mac tells you about her new role in the JAMZ Music Minute.

Simone I Smith Debuts Jewelry Line

“NCIS: Los Angeles” star LL Cool J and his wife Simone I. Smith, debuted her jewelry line over the weekend! She explains why she’s sending s…