“SC Comicon”

“SC Comicon” is coming to Greenville this weekend!

Free At BG’s Restaurant

BG’s Restaurant is here to show us what it’s offering for free on the Vittl app!

Gallabrae Scottish Ale Party

The Scottish Games are here and there’s a party you don’t want to miss! We’re talking about the Gallabrae Scottish Ale release party.

Radio Games: Basket Case

We’re celebrating the Gamecock’s big win tonight in Radio Games! We’re playing basketball with Tone Hollywood and Barbie T.

“Sister Act”

We’ve got your backstage pass to Centre Stage! We’re talking about their latest musical “Sister Act”!

Eat Out And Raise Money

You can eat out and help raise money for a good cause at the same time! Christine Scarpelli is here to tell you how.

“Dirty Grass Soul”

“Dirty Grass Soul” is here to tell us about “Sham-Rock” live at the Pump House this Friday night!

“Smoky Dreams BBQ”

If you love BBQ, you’re going to love this! USA Today just ranked “Smoky Dreams BBQ” as the “Best BBQ Pork Sandwich in South Carolina”! Toni…

“Laugh for the Cure”

Every year “Laugh for the Cure” helps raise money towards the goal of ending breast cancer. Deb Osbourne joins us with the details.

Spring Fashion

It may still be a little chilly outside, but we’re thinking about spring fashion! We show you what you will find in stores for Spring on the…

Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds is here to tell us what you can get there for free on the Vittl app!

Paparazzi Accessories

On the Fashion Scene tonight we’re talking about stylish jewelry at a reasonable price! Heather Dill is here to tell us all about “Paparazzi…

Luke Bryan Is In Town This Week

Luke Bryan is in town this week and Old Dominion is canceling some concerts! Ellis and Bradley from WSSL 100 have the Nashville Scene.

Who Can Bop It?

So can they comb it and cradle it and whip it? Hawk and Tom are here to see who is the master of “Bop It” in our Radio Games!

Return to the Green

There’s a big party going on Sunday at Fluor Field! Marty Flynn is here to tell us all about it!