Simply Southern Cupcakes

We are talking southern sweets on the kid scene tonight! He may only be a teenager but he has already competed on a Food Network TV show. Pa…

Emi Sunshine Performs

12 year old singer songwriter Emi Sunshine performs a special song for Memorial Day.

Emi Sunshine Performs

You can catch Emi Sunshine perform at The Grey Eagle in Asheville this Saturday

Emi Sunshine

On the Music Scene tonight, she is just 12 years old but this child prodigy has already appeared at the Grand Ole Opry ten times!

Social Butterfly Boutique

On the Fashion Scene tonight are you ready to make a statement with your look heading into the weekend? You can’t be a social butterfly with…

Knight Performance Factory

On the Fitness Scene tonight, dedication, discipline and determination! That’s what “Knight Performance Factory” is all about!

Quilts Of Valor

Covering service members and Veterans with quilts of valor. Here to tell us more about their mission and a really cool honor they are gettin…

Amping Up Your Brows

On the Beauty Scene tonight, presented by “Advanced Cosmetic Surgery”, it’s all about the brows and “micro-blading” is one of the hottest tr…

Villive Summer Concert Series

On the Music Scene tonight, the Villive Summer Concert Series is back! Darby Wilcox and Katie Hughes join us to tell us all about it!

Darby Wilcox Performs

Darby Wilcox is here in the studio with a sneak peek of one of tomorrow’s Villive Summer Concert performances!

Farm Fresh Fast

On the Food Scene tonight, it’s a concept that links local farms with quick eats! It’s called “Farm Fresh Fast”.

The fete 5: Fried Chicken

We are setting up our picnic with your favorite fried chicken, from Columbia, to Charlotte, Spartanburg and Greenville, we have been eating …

The Stone Mural Project

If you are driving around Greenville and seeing some amazing murals, get ready to see more. At least one mural every year will be added to d…

Contouring 101

On the Beauty Scene, we are talking about one of the biggest beauty trends, contouring. Sarah Dobson from “Merle Norman” at Haywood Mall is …

Award Winning Biscuit

Does Spartanburg have one of the best biscuits in the world? Well, according to the International Biscuit Festival it’s true!

Trey Francis Performs

You can catch Trey Francis solo show at Gottrocks in Greenville, Tomorrow night at 9pm.

Trey Francis

On The Music Scene tonight, you may know him from the Dead 27s, lead singer Trey Francis is here to tell us about a solo performance he’s go…

What’s Brewing?

We’ll kick things off with “What’s Brewing” tonight!

The Bubble Guy

He has worked for Disney and even performed at the White House for their Halloween party, we are talking about the Bubble Guy. On The Fun Sc…

Memorial Day Grilling Tips

On the Food Scene tonight, are you gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend and thinking about firing up the grill? From burgers or steaks, y…

“My Girl, My Whiskey & Me”

On the Music Scene tonight, the powerful and beautiful voices of “My Girl, My Whiskey & Me”. George and Kelly join us in studio to talk abou…


On the Food Scene we have food, fire, music and an event that is all for meat lovers! Jeff Bannister is here to tell us all about Bovinoche …

Summer Travel Fashion

On The Fashion Scene we have Sadie Cherney from Clothes Mentor shows us how we can travel and still be stylish and comfortable.

Noah Guthrie

On The Music Scene tonight singer songwriter Noah Guthrie joins us in the studio to talk about his recent tour in Europe and his new album “…

Noah Guthrie Performs

Noah Guthrie is here in the studio to perform a song from his new album!