Easter Tradition Returns To BJU

Bob Jones University's traditional Living Gallery returns for 16th year. Programs run March 28th through March 30th. Tickets are availab…

Jack Roper

Jack Roper started his broadcast career in radio. After several years in local Carolina radio, Jack moved to Washington, NC as a weather anc…

Jamarcus Gaston

Meet Jamarcus Gaston and watch his stories.

Kimberly Kelly

Kimberly Kelly, the host of Scene on 7 can also be seen each weekday morning on WSPA's mid-morning show, Your Carolina, along side WSPA …

“No Need 2 Speed” Campaign Begins

North Carolina's “No Need 2 Speed” Campaign kicks off Monday. Law enforcement officers will be out across the state to cite speeders. Th…

Dancing Granny

An 88 year old grandmother is the latest viral video hit. Jeanne Moss breaks it down with Nana.  

NFL Could Eliminate Tuck Rule

The tuck rule could disappear from NFL games if owners approve a proposal from the competition committee to dump it.

Mulch Giveaway Program Returns Thursday

Hendersonville's seasonal mulch giveaway program for city residents begins Thursday, march 14th. The mulch will only be given to city re…

Smoke In The Air

With the election of Pope Francis, the smoke over the Vatican has finally cleared. But as Jeanne Moos explains not until the media inhaled a…

Viral Video

Megan Heidlberg shares today's hottest viral videos. 

Sea Lion Stowaway

A mammal from the sea frightens a kayaker when he decides to hitch a ride.


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