Watch Live Video and DVR

You can use the slider on the video player to rewind back and watch all our shows within the past 24 hours.
If the stream is stalling – it is an issue with your internet connection. If it is black and shows an Adobe logo – you need to update your Adobe Flash Player.



· 4:30am – 7am: 7News Daybreak
· 7am – 9am: 7News on CW Channel 62
· 10am: Your Carolina with Jack and Megan
· 12pm: 7News
· 5pm – 6:30pm: 7News
· 7pm: 7News
· 10pm: CW News on Channel 62
· 11pm: 7News


· 6am – 8am: 7News
· 6pm: 7News
· 10pm: CW News on Channel 62
· 11pm: 7News

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